Friendship X

Turn it to eleven.


Everyone’s invited.
21-22 March 2015 – SSTwo Mall, Petaling Jaya
Admission is free.



Meet the performers



Never Give Up

If there’s someone who knows the lighted stage like the back of his hand, it’s Meelz.
A familiar face in the fandom, Meelz has taken the stage to greater heights
at PonyConAU, Canterlot University and The Cloudsdale Splash. As the concert
master and main act of Friendship X, prepare to be blown away by awesome.

Meelz on YouTube >



Love, Don’t Tolerate

If you need to visualize what 15 years of trying to music looks like, look
no further. Daniel “St. Pinkie” Anthony had musical dreams since a young age
and has always aspired to see them through. With a kickstart from the community
he managed to put his talents on tape and now for the first time as St. Pinkie
in Malaysia, on stage.

St. Pinkie on Spotify >



Get A Clue

You may have heard her on the radio or even on the television, but some of you may know
Amrita from her track on the Canterlot University fundraiser “Coming True”.
She’s been featured in Seventeen and Time Out KL magazines as well as along-
side David Choi on 8TV’s YouTube Channel. A young and budding songwriter,
she takes to music as a form of expression when just words won’t cut it.

Amrita’s Website >



Rock And Roll

Depressed with their day jobs and keen to kick out the blues, Two Wongs Don’t Make a Wright
is a band of bros, forged together by their love for good music and bad jokes.
Two Wongs is currently in its third incarnation, comprising of old and new
faces from its previous line-ups but with the same blasé charm.



A Freedom of Expression

Open to everyone


Join the herd.

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