Friendship Pro Guidelines



I thought this was free!?


Hold your horses. Entrance to the convention is free for everypony.
However, if you would like to get a booth at The Friendship Express
to sell your work or craft to the attendees and the public at large,
you can do so at a small fee. Check out our stall pricing below.


Subject to committee approval.
First come, first served.
Booth applications close 18 February 2015.






So you want in.



Friendship Pro is meant to help you bring your crafts
and artwork to a streamlined audience. Although we say
craft and art, there are plenty of things that you can
do. Here are some of them.


– Do live art commissions
– Sell prints, posters and merchandise with your artwork
– Sell music that you produced (or have the rights to)
– Open a game kiosk


However, the following activities will
not be entertained.

– Selling content that we deem inappropriate
– Selling illegal items
– Promoting/selling items that are not family friendly


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