The Final Countdown

On March 11, 2015, in News, by St. Pinkie


Hey all!

I know its been a while since you have heard from us but it’s time! Just ten more days to go and we will be rocking SSTwo Mall with Malaysia’s first ever MLP:FiM convention! We couldn’t have made it this far without your support so keep it coming and spread the word! Come one, come all!

To get the hype train rolling we will be announcing a new update every day until our convention. Check our homepage everyday to stay on top of the game. It pays to come prepared for maximum fun so don’t let anything slip your mind!

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store. There’s much more than what meets the eye on our site so keep checking every day to see the latest update as to what’s coming up! You won’t believe how far you’ll go when you Believe in Magic!

St. Pinkie
Convention Chair


Make it Better

On February 7, 2015, in Uncategorized, by St. Pinkie

Its been about a month and a half since The Friendship Express was first announced to the world and we are thrilled to see great amounts of positive comments from all of you. Thank you all for the kind words!

Here at The Friendship Express, we have been super busy getting things together to make this convention as awesome as it can possibly get. We have just over a month to go until the big day. In the spirit of making hay while the sun shines, we are thrilled to announce that we are in contact with none other than Vincent Tong, the voice behind Flash Sentry, Donut Joe and Prince Bluebood!

But we need your help. Bringing Vincent down all the way easily triples our convention budget, making that far too expensive for us to afford. However, we were given a counteroffer for the next best thing: A one-hour Skype call with Vincent!

Despite that, this interview will still set us back quite a bit. After putting a lot of money on the table to make The Friendship Express work, we are now turning to you. Yes. YOU – to give us that one hour window to speak to Vincent at The Friendship Express 2015. The stage is set and the event is a go. Now we are trying to make it better with your help. Check out our Pozible crowdfunding campaign here. For perks are introducing a whole new ticketing tiers (don’t worry, basic admission is still free!!) as well as some exclusive limited edition merchandise. The campaign will run from now until the end of the month so let’s get going!

Together we can do it. Have faith and Believe in Magic!

St. Pinkie
Convention Chair


Make It Count

On January 24, 2015, in News, by St. Pinkie


Hi everypony! We hope you like our new front page and are hyped for a huge update (yes we have been quiet for a while preparing for this!).

We announced our interactive opportunities earlier this month, Friendship Pro, our vendor booth program as well as Harmony 6, our stage program. Before we lock our events in, we decided that as a community we should be opening up this event to involvement by the public. If you are interested, we want you to play a part in making this dream come true! So what are you waiting for? Click here to find out everything you need to know and also to apply to shine with us!

The Friendship Express is also taking volunteers now so if you are interested in playing a part in making Malaysia’s First MLP:FiM convention a success, we want you! Head on over to our volunteer form here and we will get back to you. Volunteer posts are open to everyone, not just bronies!

Booth applications are still open! Get yourself a spot to show off your creations at The Friendship Express by checking out our Friendship Pro packages here.Finally, check out the team that is making this event possible right here. We will see you at The Friendship Express. Remember, awesome things happen when you Believe in Magic!

St. Pinkie
Convention Chair


Show Goes On

On January 8, 2015, in News, by St. Pinkie


Hi everypony!

I’m sure you have heard the news by now that SSTwo Mall will be ceasing operations after Chinese New Year. If not, then I’m here to say it is true. The neighborhood mall will be closing indefinitely for renovations.

I am also happy to say that The Friendship Express will continue as planned! SSTwo Mall will be closing for operations in April 2015 so we are in the clear. The Malaysian MLP:FiM convention is happening alright and we can’t wait to see you there!

Oh yes. A few more things to go through in this update: If you have been browsing through, we now have our deadlines in place for Friendship Pro and Harmony 6. Performance Applications (Harmony 6) close on 1 February 2015 while booth applications (except sponsorship and commercial applications) will close on 18 February 2015. A friendly reminder to all: booths and performance slots are subject to approval by us so get them in soon! Remember that these things are also provided on a first-come-first-served basis so while there’s lots of space for friendship and fun at TFE, we will still need to know how much awesome to expect!

Thanks for reading and we will see you soon. Stay awesome and believe in magic!

St. Pinkie
Convention Chair


Why Hello There!

On January 6, 2015, in News, by St. Pinkie


It is great to see you! Yes! YOU! You who are reading this right now! Thanks for dropping by our little website. We hope you didn’t have too much trouble finding your way around!

The Friendship Express is the result of 3 years of dreaming and trying. We tried to get a pony convention running in Malaysia since early 2012. Many proposals and projects were thrown out, stepped on and even torn apart by people we worked with, some of whom we considered dear.

Failures are a part of life. They are building blocks for the road to success. Over the years we met people, dealt with events and saw our fair share of the high tide. Today, hardened by history and with a bucketful of faith and love, we’re making it happen. For real.

If you’re reading this then we want to invite you to walk with us. What you see at the time of this post is just the beginning. There are more things coming your way over the weeks to come. From tiered ticketing to sponsorship packages to art projects, The Friendship Express is here to hit the ground running.

Keep it locked onto this website and you’ll be seeing loads more awesome coming your way. Don’t forget to Believe in Magic!

St. Pinkie
Convention Chair