2014 was a year of change.

The human race managed to land a spaceship on a comet, give the world its youngest ever Nobel prize winner and make us all dump buckets of ice water over our heads in the name of scientific research.
2014 brought about a new wave as well – a wave of brony conventions in Southeast Asia. With Canterlot University, Fillypiñana, The Cloudsdale Splash, the return of PHPonyCon and even the announcement for ThaiPonyCon, the stage is set for us to push boundaries.


But then we asked ourselves…

…How can we bring something so updated and developed to a a new place? To do that, we reimagined the fandom. We went back and questioned why we are here in the first place. Eventually we found the one common denominator that brought us together – Friendship. Thus, The Friendship Express was born.
Friendship. We all know what it means. We meet with our peers and family almost every day. We talk, hang out and interact with them but when was the last time you really felt it? We believe that friendship is more than a relationship. It is feeling of companionship, a sense of comfort and a constant reminder that someone cares for us.
Through a humble message of companionship told through adorable candy coloured equines, many of us in this community have grown to appreciate each other more and more. Now, slowly but surely, let’s bring back what it really means to be friends.
As a local community we put our heads together to bring about a convention like no other. A two day event to celebrate the fandom and its diverse membership. We have spoken to podcasters, artists, musicians and active members alike about The Friendship Express and we are more than excited to have you reading this. We have many things coming up so stay locked onto this website for more details coming your way really soon!
Friendship is calling. Take a stand. Make your mark. Believe in magic. We’ll see you at The Friendship Express!



Believe in magic.

Friendship makes the world go round.


Friendship is calling.

Take the call >


Make it better.

Outdo yourself >


Live the experience.

Carpe diem >

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