Why Hello There!

On January 6, 2015, in News, by St. Pinkie


It is great to see you! Yes! YOU! You who are reading this right now! Thanks for dropping by our little website. We hope you didn’t have too much trouble finding your way around!

The Friendship Express is the result of 3 years of dreaming and trying. We tried to get a pony convention running in Malaysia since early 2012. Many proposals and projects were thrown out, stepped on and even torn apart by people we worked with, some of whom we considered dear.

Failures are a part of life. They are building blocks for the road to success. Over the years we met people, dealt with events and saw our fair share of the high tide. Today, hardened by history and with a bucketful of faith and love, we’re making it happen. For real.

If you’re reading this then we want to invite you to walk with us. What you see at the time of this post is just the beginning. There are more things coming your way over the weeks to come. From tiered ticketing to sponsorship packages to art projects, The Friendship Express is here to hit the ground running.

Keep it locked onto this website and you’ll be seeing loads more awesome coming your way. Don’t forget to Believe in Magic!

St. Pinkie
Convention Chair


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